Wonder Star, one of the prominent metal trading companies in Dubai supplies copper to different industries like jewellery, electric motors and generators manufacturing companies. It is also used to make electrical wires and in the manufacture of electrical goods like television and radio. Since this metal is a good conductor of electricity, it find uses in many other industries. The metal is also used in construction industry these days where it comes to construct a variety of architectural elements like flashings, gutters, domes, downspouts, wall claddings, vaults and more. Wonder Star, a metal trader in Dubai supplies it to many industries at competitive rates.

Other Products


A light weight metal, aluminum finds use in many industries. This silvery-white metal is malleable and soft and thus it can be used in the manufacture of products like kitchen utensils, foils, cans, ….


An essential trace element, Zinc metal find uses in many industries. Wonder Star, one of the major metal trading companies process and supply this metal to various industries…..


Lead is one of the most commonly used metals that find its application in different industries. It is majorly used in the manufacture of storage batteries. Beside batteries, ….


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