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RPO (Rubber Processed Oil)

RPO is nor­mal­ly clas­si­fied in three basic types depend­ing upon the pres­ence of Car­bon atom, name­ly Aro­mat­ic, Paraf­finic & Naph­thenic Oil.

Aromatic Oils

Aro­mat­ic Oils are gen­er­al­ly dark in colour & good com­pat­i­ble with most Rub­ber Poly­mers. It is exten­sive­ly used in the man­u­fac­tur­ing of Auto­mo­bile Tyres, Tread Rub­ber, Con­vey­or Belts, Auto­mo­tive Com­po­nents & Floor Mats etc., where colour of the end prod­uct is not impor­tant.

Paraffinic Oils

Paraf­finic Oils are gen­er­al­ly light in colour hav­ing wide vis­cos­i­ty range, high­er Ani­line &Flash Point. It is exten­sive­ly used in the man­u­fac­tur­ing of butyl tubes, EPDM based rub­ber prod­ucts, such as pro­files, hose pipe& auto­mo­tive Com­po­nents.

Naphthenic Oils

Naph­thenic oil has good colour sta­bil­i­ty, sol­u­bil­i­ty & ther­mal sta­bil­i­ty. It is exten­sive­ly used in the man­u­fac­tur­ing of foot wear, LPG tubes, hot water bags, mould­ed & extrud­ed prod­ucts. It may be used as ban­bury lubri­cants in Rub­ber Indus­tries.

Low PCA Oils

A new gen­er­a­tion oils meet­ing EU require­ment. It is MES type of oil hav­ing PCA less than 3% as per IP 346.

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The cal­ci­um-based grease just like oth­er greas­es is applied to auto­mo­tive vehi­cles. How­ev­er, the dif­fer­ence is that it is a lubri­ca­tion of chas­sis applic­a­ble to all kinds…


In the recent years Gilsonite has become very pop­u­lar which are used in many indus­tries, includ­ing road con­struc­tion, the paint indus­try, pol­ish and it is also used to insu­late…


WSTLLC is a lead­ing glob­al trad­er of Base Oils, Pro­cess­ing Oils, Lubri­cants & Greas­es. Hav­ing devel­oped stor­age ter­mi­nals, logis­tics (own ves­sels, road tankers) and strong…


Paraf­fin wax is a white or col­or­less soft sol­id deriv­able from petro­le­um, coal or oil shale that con­sists of a mix­ture of hydro­car­bon mol­e­cules con­tain­ing…


Crude wax, also called petro­le­um wax or slack wax, is an unre­fined mix­ture of high-melt­ing hydro­car­bons, main­ly of the nor­mal straight-chain…


Residue wax is the remain­ing residue when process of man­u­fac­tur­ing paraf­fin wax from slack wax is fin­ished, the main usage is for match­es indus­try since its oil…


Fuel oil, (also known as marine fuel or heavy oil) is a frac­tion obtained from petro­le­um dis­til­la­tion, either as a dis­til­late or a residue. Broad­ly speak­ing, fuel oil is any…


Sul­phur is most­ly pro­duced in refiner­ies as a by-prod­uct and export­ed main­ly to pro­duce sul­phuric acid which is wide­ly used in man­u­fac­tur­ing the phos­phate fer­til­iz­ers…


Won­der Star Group spe­cial­izes to pro­duce Auto­mo­tive Lubri­cants for today’s mod­ern petrol and diesel engines for extreme to nor­mal weath­er con­di­tion; we cus­tomize…


RPO is nor­mal­ly clas­si­fied in three basic types depend­ing upon the pres­ence of Car­bon atom, name­ly Aro­mat­ic, Paraf­finic and Naph­thenic oil…


These prod­ucts are clear and colour­less sol­vent with very low water sol­u­bil­i­ty and a char­ac­ter­is­tics odour. The boil­ing range of this group of sol­vents…


Bitu­men is a com­mon binder used in road con­struc­tion It is prin­ci­pal­ly obtained as a resid­ual prod­uct in petro­le­um refiner­ies after high­er frac­tions like…


We can sup­ply all kinds of LIGHT, MEDI­UM AND HEAVY Petro­le­um Dis­til­lates like MOGAS, GASOIL, NAPTHA and KEROSENE. Kind­ly con­tact us for more infor­ma­tion…


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